Portland Dune Buggy Club


Tucked in amongst the dunes of Discovery Bay Coastal Park, which covers the stretch of coast from the Victorian - South Australian border to just West of Portland

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and the Southern end of the 50km sweep of Discovery Bay is the Portland Dune Buggy Club area.



Due to Covid restrictions and protocols we can not accept any new members or 4x4 bookings until further Notice

This 1800 ha area of mainly tall bare dunes is a mecca for off-road enthusiasts.
It's a quiet place where you can camp and enjoy the solitude and the wilderness of this wind swept section of coast.

There are a few basic rules that apply;

    Caters for mainly 4WD and dune buggies.

    You must be a member of the PBDC.

    Please ensure that you ring and Book for any 4 Day Membership
    Please call between 6pm and 8pm in the evening

    Each vehicle must fly a flag fitted to a tall pole.

    While you can drive in most of the un-vegetated dunes in the area, vegetated areas are strictly out of bounds, as is the beach.

    Motorcycles, trikes and quad-bikes are not permitted.

The club was established in 1969.
It's fortunate that we have such a long history, otherwise this area of sweeping sands would not be open to any vehicles today.

There's good winter fishing for Salmon, Mulloway and Gummy shark so you'll often see surf rods bending to the ebb and flow of the huge surf which pounds this section of coast.
It's a wild place well worth visiting even if you don't go for a drive on the dunes.